Getting started with Arcturus

This is a step by step guide to initiating the process of becoming a client, what it entails, and how it works in practice:

step I - about arcturus

Review the important first steps to ensure you know the key facts about Arcturus:

  1. The firm's entry (AI Wealth Management LLP) on the FCA Register >>

  2. Arcturus' Unbiased profile >>

  3. Statement of Professional Standing and CISI Code of Conduct >>

Step II - Financial Planning Review

Step Two is to make a start at completing the relevant sections of the Financial Planning Review. There will often be questions at this stage, so please feel free to send in by email any questions, or speak to us on the phone.

If you are looking to transfer pensions out of a company defined benefit scheme, this review should be completed in conjunction with the below Pension Transfer Questionnaire. 

Step III - risk questionnaire

Next, review and complete the ARC Research Risk Profile Questionnaire, which will provide some guidance and indications of your attitude to risk.

Step IV - pension income priorities

If your case concerns pensions and income, including one or more pension transfers, the Pension Income Priorities form is a key document to quantify your future income priorities.

step V - terms of business

Review the Terms of Business. For most cases, these terms are kept as streamlined as practicable; where applicable, specific sections can be added where mutually agreed.

step Vi - Letter of Authorisation

Where this applies, we will need a Letter of Authorisation to speak to any financial services companies that you have had dealings with. Often these are pension providers or administrators. The original letter, signed by you, should then be sent to the relevant company. We can assist with this process , and will then make contact directly with the company 3-5 working days after the letter has been sent.

step VIi - Pension Transfer Questionnaire

Where this applies, if you are transferring to a SIPP or other DC scheme from a DB scheme, the Pension Transfer Questionnaire can be completed in lieu of the above general Financial Planning Review.

step VIIi - Fee agreement

Prior to sending you the Fee Agreement, we will have discussed how we will charge for the work we have jointly agreed to undertake. For one-off projects, this is a straight forward agreed amount.

We request 50% of the total within two weeks of commencing the project, with the balance due on completion of all agreed work. 

step ix - agree meeting date and overall timeline

We will then agree and document our next scheduled contact, whether this be in person, on a video call, a standard phone call or email. Also the overall timeline should be considered for key dates to complete identified tasks and achieve certain milestones.