The City of London Investment Trust plc

We are heartened to see a most positive review of Job Curtis' City of London investment trust from Morningstar:


"In the investment trust space, City of London (CTY) has had a manager at the helm for 26 years. This is exceptionally rare and under Job Curtis, we see investors as being in safe and accomplished hands. The process is little changed over that time, too. "Conservative" is a moniker that permeates through the management of the trust, and Curtis is naturally a cautious, mildly contrarian investor. He doesn't ignore the macro picture, but the bulk of his analysis is done from the bottom up.

The primary focus is dividend yield as a measure of value, together with balance-sheet scrutiny to ensure robustness, continuity, and growth in distributions. The prudent and measured approach to portfolio management has resulted in outperformance over most time frames. We believe the combination of an exceptionally experienced and stable management team, a consistent process and very low fees, make this a compelling option, meaning it holds a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold".

With a 3.9% current yield, and a below market average risk profile as measured by standard deviation over 3 years, this remains a prime UK focused trust for long term investment portfolios.