Investment process

For most investors, the aims are to generate a sustainable income, grow wealth in real terms and protect capital. What varies from individual to individual is the emphasis that is placed on these three priorities.

At Arcturus, value isn’t an investment style, but rather a common sense approach to investing

Our goal is to facilitate and encourage a discussion on priorities, longer term goals and risk in all its many manifestations. Like reputation, it takes time to build capital. Hence we treat our clients' capital, however large or small, as irreplaceable. 

In parallel with discussions on investment risk and individual goals, at the heart of our advice process is a disciplined value investing approach. At Arcturus, value isn't an investment style, but rather a common sense approach to investing. We believe this offers the best way, over long time periods, to maximise investment results while reducing risk.

Value investing, in essence, is the art and science of investing in assets that are believed to be priced at a discount to an estimate of their intrinsic business value. Over time, the market price of the asset will tend to adjust to reflect the value of the underlying business. 

Our objective is to construct genuinely differentiated portfolios, tailored to each individual's unique circumstances, set up for long term value creation. We monitor a range of portfolios from simple, low cost index based ones, to highly diversified portfolios made up of funds and global equities. These form the basis of our advice and ongoing research activities.