The Arcturus way - what makes the difference.

Independence - independent, research-driven thinking on companies, funds, economics, politics, and more besides. Autonomy and independence from outside influence is the cornerstone of our service.

Experience - clients benefit from our substantial experience gained over more than three decades in investment markets and personal financial planning.

Cost effectiveness - costs and charges, often unseen, are the bane of the financial services industry. So prospective clients can know de facto we will wring out any excess charges and costs we come across. We aim to deliver outstanding service at a very fair price.

Research - clients can effectively ‘tap into’ a very extensive research network developed over multiple market cycles, that goes far beyond the obvious sources of information. We believe strongly in the effectiveness and value of good research.

Access - we straddle a number of counties, where our clients are based; local in ethos, yet serving clients far and wide. Town, country, coast. Our service is flexible and mobile, and supported by world class technology.

Responsibility - we are committed to the environment, sustainability, governance and doing things the right way, in business, as in life. These core principles are the most important things we offer, the basis on which we serve our clients.

Perspective - acquired through experience, as well as via a certain philosophy based on patience and gratitude. Ἀρκτοῦρος, Arcturus, reminds us to observe the night sky, for its beauty, and as a way to maintain perspective in all matters. We encourage you to do the same when the stars and planets are visible wherever you are.

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