At Arcturus, we don't adopt a one size fits all approach when it comes to our service and fees. We believe as each situation is unique to the individual, so the service levels and fees attached to those service levels should be tailored accordingly. This is established in the initial contact with a prospective client, so that expectations are set and well understood from the outset. 

We divide our services into two core areas:

A. Planning

pensions: planning, income drawdown, transfers and consolidation, self invested pensions, allowances

retirement: sustainable income, minimising tax

family: estate and inheritance planning, IHT, trusts

B. Investments

We generally refer to this as 'strategic' to stress the inherently long term nature of investing.

At the heart of our advice is a value investment style, built on several decades of market experience.

Value also refers to our core mission to continuously bear down on portfolio costs, and to provide a competitively priced, first class service.

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